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Do you long for more closeness, intimacy and connection?

Do you want not only better, but also more satisfying sex?

You want a satisfied well fucked woman by your side?

Are you ready to rediscover your sexual diversity in a holistic way?

Then we would like to welcome you to:


A path to your authentic masculine vitality. 


Live more freely, self-confidently and happily. With yourself and in your relationships.

"MORE THAN A MAN - THE LIBERATED LOVER" ... the only German-language online training that combines customized video training in 27 video units with life coaching and transformative group processes. 

3 months


Free Q&A info zoom call for all interested and perhaps still hesitant men with Iva and the entire team at the January 08, 2025 - be there!

A new module is activated every Sunday.

Live Wednesdays from 19-21 hrs:

Wed 15.01. Warm Welcome Iva
Wed 22.01. Guest lecturer Didi
Wed 29.01. Q&A Iva
Wed 05.02. Men circle Sebastian
Wed 12.02. Q&A Iva 
Wed 19.02. Guest lecturer Matt
Wed 26.02. Q&A Iva 
Wed 05.03. Men circle Sebastian
Wed 12.03. Q&A Iva 
Wed 19.03. Guest lecturer Felix
Wed 26.03. Closing circle Iva

Bonus: 16.04. Last check in with Iva


This three-month masterclass will help you to... 

  • take your love life and your entire view of SEXUALITY to a NEW LEVEL 

  • Having a satisfied woman by your side 

  • knowing WHAT YOU WANT and HOW TO GET IT 

  • to ignite new energy that affects all areas of life (relationships, family, business) 

  • to be uninhibited, excited, unrestrained and adventurous 

  • have more enthusiasm, curiosity and self-confidence during sex 

  • COURAGE, CLARITY & the right INNER ADJUSTMENT for mind blowing sex 

Iva Samina

Author, sex coach and bodyworker Iva Samina has made it her mission to make every man a freer and happier lover. Because as a woman and sex therapist, Iva knows what makes women happy. An authentic, powerful, self-confident man who celebrates life and masters a technique or two.

More about Iva

Iva draws on many years of experience with thousands of customers.

More than a man...

... is an online training course. You will receive 27 video tutorials with clear accompanying material.

Week after week, we guide you through all the necessary steps in a DETAILED TRAINING to build a foundation on which you can build your WHOLE LIFE. 

The video course consists of 12 modules. 

In three months you will learn the SEXUAL BASICS for an ECSTATIC (LOVE) LIFE: 



Every other week there is a 90 MINUTE LIFE Q&A SESSION with Iva herself. Here you have the opportunity to share your experiences and ask in-depth questions. 

Once a month, you can look forward to a two-hour men's circle with Sebastian, where you can discuss common challenges, experiences and solutions among MEN. Motivation and development progress increase enormously when you are in the same boat with like-minded people and aiming for the same goal. 

The training is rounded off once a month by a GUEST DOCTOR who provides you with further practical tools for your SEXUAL POTENTIAL in 120 minutes. 

You can expect...

.... two-year access to the online material. You can resume the course at any time, repeat it and complete it at your own pace, step by step, as it feels right for you.

Module 1

Do you still have to get it for her, or are you already in love? Wanting to be effective is an obstacle when it comes to the most emotional thing in the world.
So let's take a look together at where you stand with sexual contact.

Module 2

Are you aware that your pleasure belongs to you and is not dependent on the outside world? An intense, pleasurable body experience makes your whole life hotter. So become a sensual expert for yourself here.

Module 3

The best piece is often rigid with fear and stress due to pornographic ideals, self-criticism and performance thinking. Yet women sense subtle differences and prefer a soft penis that vibrates with life. So turn it into a celebrated love organ.

Module 4

The big fucker and stallion gives his willing mare one screaming orgasm after another. This kind of head cinema creates fear of failure and alienates both partners from each other. Instead, be happy and learn unintentional ecstasy.

Module 5

Standard: Pushing, out and in. Is that all there is to it? There's more! The vagina is a 360-degree panorama full of erogenous zones. So swing your hips for multidimensional stimulation!

Module 6

Breathing deeply and consciously - this is the only way you can surrender to the moment and make love with your partner. Learn the excited and relaxed breathing technique here.

Module 7

Vaginal nerve endings in Sleeping Beauty slumber and armies of pleasure points in the female abdomen. Find out everything you need to know as Prince Charming here.

Module 8

Whether flaccid or tense - the condition of your roots determines how energy flows into your body. In order to enjoy a dreamlike and long-lasting pleasure rush, make the inside of your pelvis accessible.

Module 9

Are you still cramping or are you already living? Learned attitudes such as fear or guilt close off inner spaces of lust and love. So learn to allow yourself to be ashamed of pleasure and to embrace what you like.

Module 10

Is your goal getting in the way of sex? If your partner doesn't feel seen and connected to you during lovemaking, you won't produce any satisfaction. Here you get the complete basis for mutually fulfilling sex.

Module 11

There is a play of forces to be discovered not only in the Mystery Woman, but also in you. You cannot control and master all of them. But if you can creatively navigate unknown waters, you are her "Oh captain, my captain".

Module 12

You have pushed boundaries, dived deep and gone where thousands of other men have not gone before you. Congratulations! Let us celebrate you - let us take another look at you!

Guest contributions

Dietmar Liebold

Dietmar Liebold is co-director of the Bodywork Center in Zurich.

He leads courses on tantric massage, sexological bodywork, sexological body therapy and somatic sexual counseling.

In his practice, he uses touch, breathing, movement and communication to help people connect more strongly with themselves and their bodies.

Felix Falkenhahn

Felix Falkenhahn has been researching the human body and the natural principles of healing for 25 years. He works as a non-medical practitioner, body and Gestalt therapist, coach and teacher in the areas of breath and body awareness, relationships and men's work.

One of his main focuses is the conscious activation of our inherent visionary body intelligence and the dancer within us, which allows us to live and manifest our wildest and most beautiful qualities and dreams. One of the things that moves him about being a man is strengthening and rediscovering masculine qualities beyond male and cultural stereotypes.

Sebastian Hofer

Sebastian Hofer is a photographer and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy with a focus on body and trauma therapy from Hamburg. In various formats, Sebastian offers men the opportunity to take off their masks and armor and thus enter into a non-competitive, nurturing and trusting connection with themselves and others.

Together with you, he wants to develop a new understanding of being a man that replaces the traditional male image and enables you to discover your very own form of masculinity. In addition to his training in Gestalt therapy and Somatic Experiencing, he draws on years of self-experience with expanded states of consciousness and all kinds of movement practice.

Matthias Schwenteck

Matthias Schwenteck is trained in Sacred Sexuality and Tantra and has been working with various healing modalities as well as counseling, guided meditation and bodywork for over 20 years. His sessions and teachings are based on trauma research and neurophysiology.

Matthias developed the "Somatic consent engagement system" in 2019 and dedicates his life to guiding thousands of people through these evolutionary times.

He does this in various formats: from training courses for teachers and practitioners. Right through to workshops for couples and individual sessions.

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With the mini course you get all 27 video tutorials with hand outs to get started right away. You can start at any time and get all the tools and information you need. The mini course is for men with discipline and stamina who can stick with it on their own and for those who need to be more flexible.

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You can upgrade to the coaching course at any time by paying the corresponding surcharge if you need more motivation and support or if something has changed in your life situation. Simply send us an email and your previous purchase will be offset against the price. You can then join us at the start of the next round.

About Iva

Iva is a systemic social therapist, coach, author, bodyworker, naturopath, birth preparer and doula. Her story is wild, adventurous and anything but straightforward. As a very young mother of three, she lived in many different places and in different relationships, family constellations and life models. It was a challenging time. But it was from this vivid world of experience that she drew her passion for existential questions: "Is there a status quo and where are the limits of what is possible?"

Iva's love of researching, experimenting and playing made her an open-minded free spirit for a wide variety of people and life plans. Through her diverse challenges, she was able to grow beyond herself, slip into different perspectives and learn methods that she can now pass on to many other people.

Her know-how consists of the philosophy of Tao, the teachings of Yoga, Trantra, Sexological Bodywork, Kink, systemic coaching and integrative therapy. Her passion is to support people to regain their self-determination and power by finding new ways to their authentic sensual expression. For 10 years she has accompanied thousands of people into a new body awareness and a freer sexuality.

"At some point in my old life, I realized that I wasn't happy and that I couldn't go on like this. I knew that something had to change at my core. In my search, I realized that my sensuality and sexuality play a crucial role in my sense of freedom and happiness. This realization was a gift that I want to pass on. Confidence in ourselves, our bodies and our relationships. Shining myself and letting other people shine is my destiny."

 "In my workshops, I have learned that many men are not completely happy with themselves and their relationship and are not sexually fulfilled. Some lack energy, others lack drive and many consume sex without awareness like a substance. But if we realize that something is wrong, change is possible at any time. Fortunately, I have been able to accompany many miraculous transformation processes in which men have (once again) become who they can be. Free, self-confident, happy, loving and powerful. Because nourishing and fulfilling sex can be learned. Like a language or an instrument. The masterclass 'More than a man - The liberated lover' is aimed at all men who want to discover a new way of being a man, have a fulfilled woman at their side and develop more inner peace, self-love and self-confidence. It is a path to your authentic male vitality."

Iva Samina

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Can I also do the course if I am single?

You can of course also do the course as a single person. Many men reported greater self-confidence, more self-acceptance and self-love as well as a more fulfilling life experience. "More than a man" is a relationship booster and has a positive effect on all kinds of relationships. Be it the relationship with yourself, nature, your fellow human beings or your partner. Every relationship will benefit from your personal journey and development and become more harmonious and intense. And who knows, maybe you won't be single for long after this course... 😉

How will the course affect my sex life?

Your sex life will be transformed into a pleasure-filled adventure with intense moments of encounter. You will be more present, more ecstatic and more powerful. You will develop a completely new perspective on lovemaking and have a satisfied woman by your side. Most course participants report an increased connection to themselves and the feeling of "finally having arrived at themselves again".

What if I can't be there for a live call?

If you miss a live call, that's no problem. Every call is recorded and made available to you afterwards. You can repeat the call at any time and contact the Telegram group or your coaches by email if you have any questions. We will always help you.

Why does one course cost more?

With the mini course you get all 27 video tutorials with hand outs to get started right away. The Maxi course for €699 also includes live coaching and men's circle sessions. There are also live contributions from guest instructors and a Telegram group where you can exchange ideas, inspiration and motivation with other men. The shared group experience has been very transformative for many of our participants. A safe place where they could communicate and release their worries, fears and experiences. Together, they were inspired, motivated and found new ways to step further into their power.

What is the advantage of booking the course for €699?

The maxi course for 699€ offers you the personal exchange with other men and coaches. You will not have the feeling of being alone on your path, but will always feel connected and supported by the group. For our participants it is motivating, meaningful and transformative. They have a greater commitment and more discipline. In fact, for many men, sharing a safe space with other men on a regular basis, showing themselves in all their vulnerability and being seen is one of the best experiences. It is a very powerful space. The guest lecturers also find it a great enrichment. If you are unsure, you can also contact Iva at any time.

Will my sexuality change for the better?

Take a look at our testimonials. The program was life-changing for them! What many people don't know. A fulfilled sexuality is a cornerstone for a joyful life. The participants not only changed their love life positively, but also many other areas of their lives. Because everything in life is about relationships and these are intensified. In the end, however, it is always your own intention and responsibility to get involved in the course and allow yourself to be transformed. The more you put in, the more you get out.