Cervix Awakening

An evening for women (in German)

The uterus is much more than just an organ. It is the central female energy field, the seat of the female soul, the power center of the woman. It is home to magic and is the organ that is directly connected to creation. It gives life on all levels. The cervix is the gateway between the vagina and the uterus, between the visible and the invisible. In ancient times it was called the gateway between the worlds. It is said that the cervix houses the energies and emotions of the heart and is the storage place for all memories. But above all, and what many do not know: it is made to give LUST! Instead, many women perceive it as numb or even painful.

This introductory workshop focuses on a conscious, curious and exploratory examination of your cervix. In addition to anatomical knowledge, it is also about training your perception and awakening and activating your cervix & uterus as a center of strength and pleasure.

Healing, pleasure and joy are possible. Your cervix offers you wonderful guidance on the way there.


Wed September 25 18:30-20:30 Cervix awakening ONLINE (Iva)

Mon January 20 18:30-20:30 Cervix awakening ONLINE (Iva)

€ 37.00