Tantra massage

Tantra massage offers a protected setting in which the recipient's entire body is touched. It honors the person as a perfect whole - with all its facets. It also enables the recipient to experience different body sensations through slow and attentive touch and to feel them in peace.

The magic of touch often comes from relaxing and surrendering to the present moment. It is about letting things happen and opening up to new experiences: receiving them instead of expecting them.

These can be incredibly deep, nourishing and calm, or exciting, emotional, sensual and ecstatic. Each massage is a unique experience, an individual creation that is born of the moment and is not subject to a fixed sequence.

We use elements from Lomi-Lomi, Tao, Tantra, breathing and energy work as well as classic massage. By arrangement, we also integrate facets of kink and BDSM.

Tantra massages can include an intensive and deepening yoni or lingam touch by arrangement. The orgasms that may occur during the massage are not its central goal. No orgasm must, but orgasm can. The masseuse keeps her towel on. No exchange of body fluids!


200 € | 2.0 hrs. four-handed and for pairs 380 €
250 € | 2.5 hrs. four-handed and for pairs 470 €
300 € | 3.0 hrs. four-handed and for pairs 560 €

50 € | Surcharge for kink and BDSM elements


The "Ritual for three" is a variation in which one person simultaneously surrenders to the touch of both the masseuse and their partner.

300 € | 2.5 hrs. a person receives
580 € | 5.0 hrs. both persons receive


Before you come to us for the first time for an individual session, we ask you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

This way we can look at your specific ideas and wishes together and clarify which session format and time slot is suitable.

Yvonne offers a free online meeting every Monday at 8.30pm. If you are interested, please write to: yvonne@ivasamina.com.


The prices and times refer to the entire stay including showers and resting as well as VAT. The massage time is approx. thirty minutes shorter.

Questions / make an appointment:

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