Handicraft Men

An evening for men (in German)

Everything under control - female intimate massage & sexual communication

Awaken the feminine-erotic potential of your wife, partner or lover. On this evening, you will learn new, pleasurable touches for the female intimate zone using a non-human model.

Intimate massages are a special kind of pampering program that women particularly appreciate. With simple movements, you can revitalize your relationship and create the necessary trust for pleasurable sex. This will set you apart from other men, because very few men know how to properly massage the intimate area and prepare for orgasms.

At the end of this evening, you will be able to do it yourself with confidence. You will have learned how to find and awaken the G-zone, for example.

You will learn how to find out her preferences and needs - and how to respond to them in a satisfying way. The pressure to perform disappears and sexuality together becomes more pleasurable and relaxed. So that you can trust yourself and put aside feelings of shame, we talk openly about important topics relating to female sexuality.


Vulva days! Die nächsten Termine vor Ort sind:

Sa 09. März 13:00-16/16.30Uhr (Iva) -> hierfür überweise bitte 42€/47€ auf folgendes PayPal Konto: paypal@ivasamina.com. Danach bekommst du alle infos zugesandt.


The next dates online are:

Mon February 26 18:00-21/21:30 (Yvonne)



Private booking:
3-3.5 hours/€330 flat rate (up to 8 participants). Each additional participant 42€.

from € 42,00