Reclaim Your Sexual Power

A long weekend for women (in German)

"Reclaim Your Sexual Power" is a powerful call for women to actively reclaim their sexual energy and identity. In a world where societal norms often shape the image of female sexuality, this message encourages women to recognize and claim their own sexual power.

The journey of 'reclaiming' involves more than just physical intimacy. It is an invitation to explore your own sensuality, be authentic and free yourself from societal pressures. Women are encouraged to understand their desires, set boundaries and develop a positive relationship with their own bodies.

An essential part of this process is letting go of the shame and guilt often associated with sexual experiences. The workshop emphasizes that female sexual power is natural and empowering. Women have the right to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest!

This workshop encourages women to write their own stories, recognize their needs and see themselves as sexually sovereign individuals. This adventure journey of self-discovery and self-liberation creates space to live and experience authenticity and power and contributes to changing the narratives around female sexuality. It is an invitation to embrace your own uniqueness and celebrate your sexual power as an integral part of your individual identity.


"And the day came when the risk of remaining in the bud became more painful than the risk of blossoming."


Various exercises, meditations - including in the Zen temple - and group processes create a sweet medicine that can nourish you on your healing journey. In the evening, you can integrate what you have experienced in nature or in the sauna.


The next dates are:

April 04-07, 2024 Thursday 18:00 to Sunday 16:00

In the Ecovillage Lebensgarten in Steyerberg

Price: 385 Euro

Accommodation and meals are extra and are paid directly to the retreat center. The food consists of organic breakfast, lunch and dinner (fruit and vegetables partly directly from our own permaculture garden), the accommodation is up to you. Booking board and lodging

€ 385.00