Wild nature woman

Workshop hiking trip for women in Albania (in German)

Have you ever thought about the deep connection between your femininity and nature? How does this connection manifest for you when you allow and experience the natural flow of life?

On our journey through the untouched nature of Albania, we invite you to immerse yourself not only externally but also internally and unleash the wild nature woman within you. Take in the fascinating landscapes, explore hidden paths and feel the powerful connection between you and nature. In these moments, you will not only experience the outer world, but also a deepened perception of your femininity and primal nature.

She felt no break between the earth and her body, as if the same juice and rhythm were flowing through both at the same time - golden, green, watery or fiery when you touch the core." ~ Anaïs Nin

You can expect inspiring teaching content, enriching exercises, meditations, yoga and pelvic floor exercises, accompanied by shared adventures.

Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we create space for community, reflection and the sharing of unique experiences. Encounter questions that will accompany you on your hike:

What does it mean to you to be a woman?

How can you feel yourself better by connecting with nature?

What wild sides of you want to be discovered?

In which moments do you feel a deep connection to nature and how does this influence your perception of femininity and wildness?

This workshop hiking trip is more than a physical journey through Albania. It is a journey to yourself, a journey to the wild nature woman in your heart. Come with us on this adventure and discover the deep treasures that nature and the wild woman within you hold!

Our trip spans 7 days, with 4 (intensive) hiking days and 1-2 days rest in simple mountain huts and homestays with local families. The daily hikes vary between 2-8 hours, but don't worry - the transportation of your luggage is already organized so we can relax and enjoy the trail. This trek is suitable for all women with a moderate level of fitness who are prepared to hike for several hours a day. If you are unsure whether the trip is suitable for you, please get in touch with us.

The trip is led by the experienced mountain hiking guide Lea. Accommodation and food are rather basic in this remote region, but the Albanian hospitality is all the more warm. There is room for 10 women.


Date and prices:

  • When: September 12-19, 2024
  • Price: Hiking workshop & guide: 490€/person
  • Price: board, lodging, & (luggage) transportation: 820€/person


Additional costs not included:

  • Arrival and departure to Tirana
  • Dinner on the day of arrival
  • Extra drinks
  • International health insurance

€ 490 plus board, lodging & transportation