Handicraft for women

An evening from woman to woman (in German)

This workshop will give you an insight into female pleasure, which usually "works" differently to male pleasure, so that you can learn a new creative way of dealing with your own sexual energy, joy, pleasure and enjoyment.

I explain the six pillars of fulfilling sexuality, which are simple and super effective tools to make your touch more beautiful, sensual & intimate. In addition, the anatomical know-how (such as the erogenous zones in your vagina), which will give you a better understanding of female sexuality. Step by step, I will show you a variety of techniques for your magic wonderland pussy that can create relaxation, connection, pleasure or even ecstasy.

Another important part of the course is the topics of communication and boundaries. They are the basis on which you can start making love in a confident and relaxed way. And you can follow your curiosity and pleasure freely when touching.

After registration you will receive a script from me, which you can use for your solo sex or as an intimate massage guide for touching your lover.


The next date online is:

Mon November 18 18:00-21:00/21:30 (Iva)

Thu January 30 18:00-21:00/21:30 (Iva)


Private booking:
3-3.5 hours/€330 flat rate (up to 8 participants). Each additional participant 42€.

from € 42.00