Individual sessions

Sex and sexual energy. Great power, pleasure and joy. Every human being carries an intrinsic expression of this within them. But it is also part of the power that creates suffering.

Most people find it difficult to get involved with skin, hair and full feeling. The power of creation and pleasure are heavenly. The inhibitions, taboos and unloved feelings that stand in front of it are a hell that is difficult to bear. It is so human to renounce our passion. However, the reward of conquering yourself again is priceless.

You emerge from our one-to-one work with joy, feeling alive and feeling yourself. You will gain the confidence and strength to get what you really want in your life and your (love) relationships. Authentically and openly, without exhausting tricks.

With a lot of experience and understanding for you, we gently approach those boundaries that frighten, frustrate or block you in intimate situations. You decide your pace and your steps. You can open up to yourself safely and securely. And then take new paths that make you happy.

Take a look at our sessions here:


You can ask all your questions and gain clarity for yourself. You practise understanding your needs and desires and following your impulses with confidence.



You ask your questions and experience the direct physical experience of your answers. A journey towards a conscious, joyful and self-determined approach to your arousal and pleasure.



A space for your sexual exploration and healing. From rigidity back into your natural flow, your innocence, your playfulness and your lust.



You feel and experience yourself physically, you can let go and relax. You receive. You let yourself go and learn. To open up at your own pace, to communicate and to trust yourself.