Sexological Bodywork

Talk and experience touch. You arrive in your body. Together we will explore your questions, desires or blockages around sexuality and see how you can bring your body to life even more consciously.

We welcome your authentic expression and your feelings. You will find new body-oriented ways into your pleasure, enjoyment and vitality. You will be supported in your personal growth and experience an improved sexual self-confidence and sex life - an unfolding of your erotic potential.

Sexological bodywork can also include working with pain and scar tissue in the body and especially in the genital and pelvic area - e.g. to reappropriate physical sensitivity and pleasure after childbirth, after surgery in the genital area, or on the breast or prostate.


In my holistic bodywork we use methods such as:

  • Orgasmic-Yoga
  • Genital meditation
  • Mapping
  • Witnessing
  • Voice, breath, movement
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Massage


200 € | 2.0 hrs.
240 € | 2.5 hrs.
280 € | 3.0 hrs.


Before you come to us for the first time for an individual session, we ask you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

This way we can look at your specific ideas and wishes together and clarify which session format and time slot is suitable.

Yvonne offers a free online meeting every Monday at 8.30pm. If you are interested, please write to:


The prices and times refer to the entire stay including showers and rest.

Questions / make an appointment:

+49 (0)176 6333 3090