Workshops & Seminars

From tantra to porn - discover yourself!

Handicraft for women

An evening from woman to woman (in German)

In this workshop you will gain an insight into female desire, which usually "works" differently to male desire, so that you can find a new creative way of dealing with your own sexual energy,...

Handicraft Men

An evening for men (in German)

Everything under control - female intimate massage & sexual communication Awaken the feminine-erotic potential of your wife, partner or lover. Using a non-human model, this evening will teach you new, pleasurable touches for...


An evening for women (in German)

Competent with men - the sensual intimate massage On this evening in a circle full of women, you will gain more confidence in sexual contact with men. Using a non-human model, I will show you the...

The Art Of Giving And Receiving

A weekend workshop for all genders (in English)

You are invited to this experiential weekend workshop in which a safe space, tools and guidance will be offered to gently uncover parts of yourself and expand into an authentic,...

Cervix Awakening

An evening for women (in German)

The uterus is much more than just an organ. It is the central female energy field, the seat of the female soul, the power center of the woman. It is home to the magic and...

Viva La Vulva - Vulva Watching

An evening on site for women (in German)

I invite you into a space where a woman can be carried together by the energy and strength of all other women. Where we can be tender and sensitive,...

Reclaim Your Sexual Power

A long weekend for women (in German)

"Reclaim Your Sexual Power" is a powerful call for women to actively reclaim their sexual energy and identity. In a world in which societal norms often distort the image of female sexuality and...

Pussy - the power between your legs

5-day retreat for women (in German)

Imagine a world where female genitalia is not condemned, punished or fought against, but rather revered as it once was. Imagine a world in which women can enjoy...

More Than a Man

3 months online training for men

A path to your authentic male vitality. Develop sexual skills that will make you an incredible lover. Live more freely, confidently and happily. With yourself and in your relationships....

Better Sex: The Depth Of Intimacy

Three evenings for all genders (in English)

Craving more intimacy, pleasure, and depth in your relationship? Can you relate to this situation: you and your partner, vulnerable and ready for that blissful moment and feeling "Oh Yes."...

Deepening Love & Joy
Tantric touch ritual

Three weekends for all genders (in German)

Are you longing for a sensual touch that awakens your innermost being and gives you deep satisfaction? In this Tantra massage training course, I invite you to embark on a journey of love and...

When Women Blossom

English. For Women Over 40.

When Women Blossom: A New Story To Tell. Imagine a world where aging is not feared or fought against, but welcomed with open hearts. A world where...