Wombspace Whispering

In this session, we will devote ourselves entirely to your womb space. With different approaches and my many years of experience in the field of women's bodywork, I will open up new paths into your femininity and your own life flow. I will listen attentively to your body and the voice of your womb. Your body is the mirror of your soul, your emotional world, experiences and thought patterns.

With sensitivity, we explore the moods and needs, preferences, desires or even fears that your center carries within itself. Sometimes we encounter ecstasy and pleasure, sometimes old pain and armoring. Any unresolved trauma is stored in your body and blocks the free, natural flow of your sexual energy and life force.

With the Womb Whispering Session I accompany you on the path to your own vitality, pleasure and beauty. I use methods from the Pearl Gate, Tantra, Tao and the Moon Mother® movement, among others:

  • Breast massage
  • Fertility massage
  • Lap room rituals & pelvic rocking
  • Womb Blessing® Attunement
  • Womb Healing
  • Mirror sessions
  • Yoni and uterus talk
  • Yoni massage and mapping
  • Tantric Dearmoring
  • Holistic bodywork
  • Voice, breath and movement


300 € | 3.0 hrs.


Before you come to me for the first time for an individual session, please contact me by e-mail or telephone.

This way we can look at your specific ideas and wishes together and clarify which session format and time slot is suitable.

The prices and times refer to the entire stay including showers and rest.

Questions / make an appointment:

+49 (0)176 6333 3090