Deepening Love & Joy
Tantric touch ritual

Three weekends for singles & couples (in German)

Do you long for a sensual touch that awakens your innermost being and gives you deep satisfaction?

In this Tantra massage training I invite you to go on a journey of love and intimacy. The tantric touch ritual offers an introductory experience into the art of tantric love, guided by mindful touch and reverence for the human body. Special attention is paid to the sensual full body massage as well as the Lingam & Yoni massage.

Tantra massage creates a protected space for slow and attentive touches that allow different sensations and states to be experienced. The focus is on the worship of the human being as a perfect whole, whereby all facets of their existence are respected. The same applies to the Lingam & Yoni massage, which offers a protected space for slow, present, playful touches. The magic of touch often unfolds through relaxation and devotion in the present moment, without active action.

In the first level In this course we will introduce you to the art of touch and Tantra massage: you will learn different forms of touch, how to open and close ritual spaces and techniques for a full body massage.

In levels two and three we delve into the specific techniques of lingam and yoni massage. These sensitive areas of the body are honored with respect and mindfulness through open-ended touch and tantric massage techniques.

The training is aimed at couples as well as individuals who want to enter into a loving relationship and physicality with themselves and others.

This training course takes place over three consecutive weekends, in which we form a fixed group. The closed community enables participants to feel safe and secure and to open up on a deeper level. Together we immerse ourselves in a journey that focuses on love, intimacy and the magic of touch. This special atmosphere not only creates space for professional learning, but also for personal growth and a deeper connection with each other.

Contents of the training are:

  • Perception exercises & breathing.
  • Awaken your inner lover.
  • Create and maintain a ritual space.
  • Giving and receiving touch.
  • Different qualities of touch & tools to awaken the senses.
  • Tantra massage procedure and live demos.
  • Lingam & Yoni massage procedure and live demos.
  • Partner exercises for massage techniques


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New dates for 2024:

October 25/26/27 - Tantric ritual introduction

November 15/16/17 - Deepening Joy - Lingam Massage

Nov. 29/30/Dec. 1 - Deepening Joy - Yoni Massage


Fri 18:00 - 21:30
Sat 10:00 - 18/19:00
Sun 10:00 - 18/19:00


The Tantra Massage training takes place in UHU in Berlin takes place.


1120€/person or 1080€/personif there are two of you - of which €400 is a non-refundable deposit in each case

from € 1080.00