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My work is always about one thing: a fulfilling (sex) life.
That's why I often invite people to try out new things and spice up their (sex) life.

Here are some inspirations that I found incredibly inspiring and that I thought were good,
which is why I would like to pass it on to you. Because we absolutely have the right to the very best sex!

Deepening Love

The conscious path to more intimacy and a fulfilling partnership

For her, the prerequisite for a successful relationship is not to seek salvation in another person, but first of all to become more aware of oneself, to clarify one's relationship with oneself and to create harmony between the masculine and feminine within oneself. Then you can set out on the path to natural and honest intimacy. Truth and open communication are the basis for developing an intimate relationship, meeting and touching each other with care and allowing intimate closeness to develop.

"Wow! This book is a tender and powerful liberation from one of the deepest misconceptions in our culture: that a happy relationship needs the WE more than the ME ... The time is ripe for encounters that unfold in LOVE rather than in NEED. And here is her book. May it make waves!"

Ilan Stephani, bestselling author and body researcher

You are welcome to order or even pick up the book at the Herschel bookstore in the Weiberwirtschaft:

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Know Your Flow: A Cycle Tracking Journal

Menstrual Cycle Awareness for Personal and Planetary Transformation

The 'Know Your Flow' Cycle Tracking Journal takes you on a six month journey through your menstrual cycle, supporting you to attune to your internal rhythms and guidance, so you can cultivate more wellbeing, balance and flow in life and on our planet.

Written by creative visionary & coach Ruby May, beautifully illustrated by artist Carolina Mandragora and designed by cyclical designer Nora Ora, it contains:

  • An introduction to the practice of cycle tracking and cyclical living as embodied activism.
  • A weekly theme and short text to inspire you, related to each cycle phase.
  • Six cycle tracking charts to document your cycle. Write a few words each day or color code feelings, then look back and discover the patterns unique to your cycle.
  • Free space for journaling and doodling.
  • Journaling prompts for four different inner seasons.
  • A selection of inspiring quotes.
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Yoni egg

Welcome to the Vagina Workout

Are you ready to understand your own pelvic floor in detail and use it to build strength, health and pleasure? Imagine your sexual pleasure unfolding and learning to reach higher states of bliss and ecstasy. Ready to rock and roll?

Yoni Egg Rocks uses only exquisite qualities, carefully selected, energetically tested, pure and powerful - created and produced with the utmost love. People from all over the world have contributed to the creation and growth of Yoni Egg Rocks. For Violeta of Yoni Egg Rocks, it is a sacred duty to support those who support her. Fair pay and good working conditions for a good standard of living are a matter of course.

Due to the manual production process, no two Yoni Eggs are the same. Differences in color, size and shape are not only normal, but a natural part of the individual production process. Each egg is a precious one-off.

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Vulva soap

Feminism you can touch

Discover a new dimension of sensuality with our unique handmade soap! Lovingly shaped after the imprint of a real pussy, it combines not only daily care but also a sensual experience for the body. The vulva, once hidden in the shadows of lust, now shines in all its glory and is brought directly to your home - a powerful statement for the visibility and diversity of feminism. Indulge in the essence of femininity in every application and celebrate the beauty that lies in care and appreciation!

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The Game

No winners or losers... your only goal is connection!

Discover something new about yourself and connect with others in nourishing, heart-felt ways, or maybe meet your vulnerability edge!

The Game is a simple card game that can be enjoyed one-to-one or in small groups, and is all about enjoying the simple act of seeing, understanding, appreciating and connecting with others at a deeper level.

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