Viva La Vulva - Vulva Watching

An evening on site for women (in German)

I invite you into a space where a woman can be carried together by the energy and strength of all other women. Where we can be tender and sensitive without having to defend ourselves against judgment from the outside. Here you feel safe to show yourself. A space in which we can also be strong because we feel ourselves.

Taboos concerning the vulva affect us as women in particular. A new generation is being torpedoed with distorted images of vulvas that have been made up and surgically deformed to film a glossy ideal. In the porn industry and also in many female minds, a norm has been created that is far from normal. However, previous generations have also attached shame to this fascinating part of a woman's body - causing women to condemn important parts of themselves as well as the body part.

I therefore create a space in which we can creatively reclaim the strength and power that we may have surrendered to an outside force at some point in our lives. In which we can accept and gently embrace our joy, fear and shame. I invite you to be curious about your vulva. Connect with those parts of yourself that have been frowned upon. This makes many women happy.

In a permissive environment, we come closer to each other, but above all closer to ourselves, and boundaries that apply outside this space become blurred more quickly than we usually think possible.

I invite you into a space where we allow our healing to take place.

Together we set off on an adventure exploration. We connect with our senses in the here & now and give birth to the expression of the revolution that is within us.

Welcome to vulva watching & photo shoot!

E viva la Vulva


The workshops are accompanied by different photographers. These rounds are included Mrs. Rabe or Lorelei Wimmer. The photos will be used by the photographers and IVA Samina for their public relations work (without faces, of course). There will be an exhibition of the pictures from March 7-10, 2024, celebrating the diversity and beauty of the vulvas (more information in January).

And you will receive your edited images. ♥


This workshop is very powerful and for all women who want to get to know themselves and the female genital better.


The next dates are:

Friday 08. March 17:00-21/21.30 Berlin (Yvonne & Frau Rabe) - 95€

Sunday March 10th 10:00-12.30am (Iva without photographer) - 55€


4-4.5 hrs.

There is room for 8 women.

€ 55.00 - 95.00