The Art Of Giving And Receiving

A weekend workshop for individuals & couples (in English)

You are invited to this experiential weekend workshop in which a safe space, tools and guidance will be offered to gently uncover parts of yourself and expand into an authentic, joyful and free-er way of being.

It is about:

  • ​bringing clarity and joy in giving and receiving
  • clear communication
  • authentic relating
  • empowerment
  • growing in self love

It is based on the Wheel of Consent, a powerful and enlightening method developed by Dr. Betty Martin.

Through exercises and theory sessions you will learn the Wheel and receive a clear imprint of the different quadrants in your body (Serve/Accept and Take/Allow). You get to connect to what you need, what you desire, where your limits are and practice communicating clearly about it to the other person.

And that can be challenging and vulnerable! You may feel shame for expressing what you desire, guilt for receiving something, or fear of being rejected. We practice with making clear agreements with the other about who it is for and what the intention of the interaction is so that clarity and a deeper relaxation in giving and receiving can occur.

We will experiment and play with touch because hands are very suitable for taking in information and experiencing what is pleasurable due to the many nerve endings. Touching or being touched is always a choice, choosing what feels good is more important than the action. The workshop will be clothes on and there will be no genital touch.

For who?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in: learning more about themselves, peeling of layers that limit their capacity to receive, living and relating authentically.

It is for anyone experienced with the Wheel or new to it. This weekend offers many opportunities to learn and experiment. New levels of awareness are guaranteed.


14. December 2024 Sa: 10:00-18:00

15. December 2024 So: 10:00-17:00

Early bird 350€/person until 12. January, after that 380€/person.


Location: Life Artists Creators Hub, Milastrasse 4, 10437, Berlin


Register: please send an email to to receive the details.


The workshop will be facilitated by Nynke Feenstra. She learned the Wheel of Consent directly from Dr. Betty Martin and worked as a certified facilitator of the School of Consent for several years. Find out more about her: This workshop is supported by Iva Samina.