Why do women "buy sex"?


Meanwhile it is considered comparably normal that men spent money on a tantra massage, a dominatrix or any other kind of service provided by a sex worker, it is still regarded as rather unconventional for women to do the same. Fortunately this is changing!!

In this reportage by German television, me and another woman are sharing why it made perfect sense for us, to seek professional guidance on our journey to discovering and unfolding our sexual potential. To me, it is sort of self-evident, that I take advantage of the same safe sexual space that Iva and I provide for our clients in our sessions.

I personally feel that I can only accompany you to your deepest lows and highest highs to the degree that I have experienced them for myself. I carry this image, that each person is like this huge house, with all these different rooms, representing different emotions and desires. Most people wander around their own house in the dark for most of their lives, as they are too scared to open the different doors along the hallway to let in the light.

And YES! - it might be scary to honestly look at all the different aspects of our personality:

  • The part, that wants to be served and sexually pleasured, without taking responsibility;
  • the part that wants to be held and spoiled like a little baby;
  • the part that wants to dominate or badly hurt another being in order to feel empowered;
  • the part that wants to love unconditionally, no matter what.... 

So I find it more than reasonable to wish for and organize support in the process of shedding more light into our darkness so we can confidently navigate through our own house again. It's great if you have friends, partners and family who are willing to fully dive into your darkness or hold space for you as you do. And if this darkness is too overwhelming for either one of you, it is money more than well spent to go and find a professional who does this journey together with you.

This being said: Thank you so much Kristina Marlen, for the great work you are doing and the incredible space you are providing! And thank you Uschi Müller for creating this beautiful reportage.


Lia Volpatti